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Peace Walls Programme

The Peace Walls Programme (PWP) was launched in 2012. It is aimed at developing and delivering a range of confidence and relationship building interventions within and between interface communities to help residents reach a position where they feel it is safe and appropriate to proceed with the removal of Peace Walls in their area.

The Programme, which was developed by the Fund following consultation with all key stakeholders, is designed to be the first stage in a process leading to the physical removal of barriers.

Bogside Brandywell Initiative

Greater Whitewell Community Surgery

Duncairn Community Partnership


Twaddell, Ardoyne, Shankill Communities in Transit (TASCIT)

Black Mountain Shared Space

Imagine Peace Walls Project

Berlin Wall



Cupar Way, Belfast



Palestine Wall



The strategic objectives of PWP are to:

Encourage contact, dialogue and reconciliation between Unionists and Nationalists in interface areas
Facilitate dialogue (including conversations on dealing with the past), and/or mediation within and between interface communities to build greater cross-community cohesion and confidence
Build relationships and trust for peace building activities and establish a cross-community visioning process to build a shared future within and between interface communities
Engage with individuals and communities that have not previously participated in community development or peace building activities
Underpin the Peace Process and promote economic prosperity by creating the conditions where interface communities are content to proceed with the physical removal of Peace Walls in their area
Help interface communities to leverage additional funding for the physical removal of Peace Walls and any associated infrastructure and community regeneration needs when the required levels of confidence have been established
Improve the wellbeing and safety of local residents in interface areas by promoting economic and social advance
Provide a template for this type of intervention, which if successful could be used by others to deliver similar interventions when the Fund ceases to exist.


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