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Community Unveils Positive Mural Makeover for Larne Residents

Published on:  02 Dec 2019

A long-standing wall situated on a major road into Larne has been given an eye catching makeover, thanks to a project that has united the local community through its outreach work.

Factory Community Forum (FCF), which is based in Greenland Community Centre has worked in conjunction with local schools and youth groups to reimage the once unsightly wall. It had been a space used for sectarian and conflicted related graffiti for more than 30 years and impacted local residents negatively.

The new mural, which was unveiled by former world champion boxer Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley, aims to ‘Promote Positive Aspirations’. It features education, peace and sport elements and showcases local positive role models such as footballer Gareth McAuley, DJ and music producer Robert Ferguson ( DJ Fergie) and Dave ’Boy’ McAuley.

FCF’s work is supported through the International Fund For Ireland’s Peace Impact Programme, which aims to deliver positive community transformation through sensitive intervention with communities that have not previously taken part in peace and reconciliation work.

Paddy Harte, Chairman of the IFI said: “Reaching out to communities who often feel that the Peace Process has left them behind is an integral part of our work. This town has suffered for many years with lack of employment opportunities, paramilitary activity and social deprivation. Thanks to this project, local residents are engaging in a more positive manner and developing the necessary tools to build a stronger community that can prosper and grow. ”

The project is part of a wider initiative to address the negative legacy of the conflict in the area and over the next 12 months there will be ongoing work to address bonfires, cultural expression and engage at risk young people around paramilitaries, gangs, sectarianism, drugs and alcohol.

Gareth McConnell from Factory Community Forum commented:  “We have been trying for almost ten years to get this wall reimaged and we are grateful that the International Fund for Ireland agreed to support it through the Peace Impact Programme. It is a main route that many children take to school each day and is the road to the town’s major employer.  The new mural presents a much more positive image of the area and we hope it will inspire local children and young people for many generations to come.

“It was designed through a workshop programme involving over 100 participants of all ages, from local schools, youth groups, community leaders and even some visiting students from America.  We are delighted with the finished look and the feedback locally has been overwhelmingly positive.  The overall project is part of our wider work to address the legacy of the conflict in the area and to promote aspirations in children and young people.

“We have been lobbying for a number of years for the redevelopment of the park area which is adjacent to the wall and we hope that the new mural is the catalyst for starting this process and providing better play and recreation facilities for local children and young people.”

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